In the hands of Tzu Chi volunteers, cash or money is neither cold nor hard.

We make regular visits to often forgotten corners of the city to actively reach out to the destitute,

to provide a listening ear to their problems, and to lend a helping hand.


We deliver not only material subsidies,

but also intangible warmth that the underprivileged needs.

With Tzu Chi, you can be sure that the love from your donations

will be well-translated from your hands to the hands of those in need.


Here are some inspiring stories...

Mr Chan, immobility caused by accident

ALS patient, Mr Ee




Patients Count

underwent free

Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine services






employed to aid

the poor and needy

constantly received

financial & emotional support

Statistics accurate as of 31st December 2016


Subsidize 1 month of medication fee for inmates with HIV



Subsidize 1 month of transportation fee for dialysis patient to dialysis center.



You help Elephantiasis patient like Salih


Salih has been suffering from elephantiasis for the last 20 years and his unwillingness to seek medical attention had left his leg festering with pus, the stench from which his neighbours had to endure.


A 32-man team of Tzu Chi volunteers showed up to help spruce up his home. On the same day, the team also provided Salih with a new electronic adjustable bed, a new shirt, and a sarong. Salih refused help from Tzu Chi but through building trust and providing holistic care, finally, he agreed to allow Tzu Chi Home Care team's nurse to clean his sore.


Cleaning Salleh’s sores entails many steps. From cleaning to dressing, it takes a total of two hours. If the sore is big, the dead skin at the site must be washed off first with saline solution. With Tzu Chi’s help, Salih’s situation had improved.



And you help Grandma Wong


Grandma Wong, aged 79, is one of the many elderlies living alone in her Redhill HDB flat. Her home is filled to the brim with clutter and she is unable to clean up her living quarters herself as she cannot stand or sit for long.


On 24 April 2016, Tzu Chi volunteers arrived with cardboard boxes both large and small, some cloth rags and paint, repaint her walls and facilitate the rental of her empty room.


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